The basics of how not to lose when playing multiple games in online poker

The basics of how not to lose when playing multipl...

Most online grinders imagine a screen filled with multiple poker tables while the sound of cash registers can be heard in the background. But the reality is that the ability to play games simultaneously is an art that requires some minimal thought.

Recently Ian Simpson provided valuable insights into the strategic management of multi-table games. Here are five important tips to help you complete objectives, potentially level up, and avoid dying trying.

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Add tables strategically

If you are already playing at multiple tables and if you want to further improve your performance, Simpson It is recommended to start at a lower level. This gives you more time to make decisions and avoid facing more experienced opponents at high-stakes tables. Gradually increase the number of tables while maintaining game quality.

Organize with Color

Use the Color Coding feature

Efficient Note-taking System

Note – Takeaways are important, but when playing multiple tables, time is of the essence. Develop a shorthand system to simplify the process of recording hands and strategies. For example, “CC 3b bb A8o” could represent a paid three-bet cold hand with eight different aces in the big blind.

The basics of how not to lose when playing multipl...


  • The text offers valuable tips for players who want to improve their performance in playing multiple poker tables online, such as starting at a lower level to gain more experience and gradually increasing the number of tables. It also suggests using color coding and developing a shorthand note-taking system to efficiently record hands and strategies while saving time.

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