Review of Marek Garcia’s novel “One Knight Stands”


What do you want to read this holiday season? Are you tired of watching TV series? In our Book of the Week section, we recommend poker books of all genres: novels, biographies, travel stories and general strategy, both online and offline.

This time we invite you to read the novel “The Knight Stands” by Marek Garcia. It tells the story of Charles Marquez, who has Since learning about poker, he has been living a double life: a high school student by day and a gambler by night.

His passion for poker began to grow, and over time, his passion for poker His passion began to grow. As a result, he developed an alter ego that appeared when he was exposed to cards and chips. He decided to call it the “One Knight Stand” and his life changed forever. As you can see You know, good beats will end and bad beats will happen. I don’t want to give you plot details, but that would put all your credibility at risk.

The story is interesting and realistic (many Players can relate to this) and it’s never boring, which helps the pages turn quickly. It also touches on interesting topics not often found in poker books, such as anxiety, addiction, and depression that anyone can suffer from.

There are very few good poker novels and this is one of them. You can read it, have fun with it, and get a non-strategic perspective on poker. For only $3 it’s worth it. In my opinion, This is one of the best poker books of 2018.

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You can buy this book on Amazon. The Kindle version can be read on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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  • This text is a recommendation for the novel “The Knight Stands” by Marek Garcia. It explores the story of Charles Marquez and his double life as a high school student and gambler. The text praises the book’s interesting and realistic storyline, its exploration of topics like anxiety and addiction, and recommends it as one of the best poker books of 2018.

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