Main Event LAPT Panama

Main Event LAPT Panama

When we got to the table it was 3 J 10 4 and the BU player put his 48,100 points in the middle of the table. Turn to CO’s Leonardo Zupo, who thinks for a while and check-raises:

Leonardo: A JCaption: A K

The 4 on the river was a big pot for Leonardo as he crossed the 200,000 mark for a total of 225,500 points.

Main Event LAPT Panama

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  • This text describes a poker game where the player Leonardo Zupo successfully makes a check-raise and wins a substantial pot. He now has a total of 225,500 points, which is a significant achievement in the game.

  • Roberts.ryann

    The text describes a poker game where the player Leonardo Zupo makes a successful check-raise and wins a significant pot. His total points increase to 225,500. Overall, it appears to be a well-executed move, showcasing Zupo’s skill in the game.

  • This text describes a specific poker hand where the player named Leonardo successfully wins a sizable pot with a strong hand. It highlights Leonardo’s strategic thinking and effective decision-making in the game.

  • It sounds like an intense poker hand where Leonardo Zupo made a strategic check-raise and ultimately won a big pot. Crossing the 200,000 mark in points must have been a significant achievement for him.

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