Terminator Cates, owners Ivey and Barbero run Players Championship

Terminator Cates, owners Ivey and Barbero run Play...

WSOP 2023 One of the most anticipated events of the WSOP 2023, the Poker Players Championship has kicked off with a huge surprise on the first day, and the following Down to the races isn’t just about fun scenes, either. 55 players compete on the day.

The first thing to notice is Phil Ivey 2nd behind

Josh Arieh with 944,500 in chips, showing a 1,088,000 towers. Poker’s Tiger Wood was aiming for his 11th bracelet and appeared to be off to a good start in the tournament, while Arieh won his fifth bracelet.

Felipe Ramos is also still there

On the other hand, Dan Jungleman Cates won by the way . This time, the two-time defending champion appeared at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas

Completely disguised as a Terminator. Although he was on the brink of bankruptcy, he managed to hold his own and finished 35th in chips with 305,500 chips.

He is the number one player in Latin Armada with 465,000 in chips, followed by Yuri Dzivielevski came in 17th with 463,500, not far behind, although they weren’t the only Latinos taking part such as Felipe Ramos (No. 28, 372,000) and Renan Bruschi (No. 50, 145,500) is also fighting.

Day 2 nightly logins for the first three levels from this Monday 19th Starting June 13: Level 00 and Level 7 still possible.

Terminator Cates, owners Ivey and Barbero run Play...

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  • Travis.hessel

    The text provides information about the Poker Players Championship at WSOP 2023, highlighting Phil Ivey and Josh Arieh’s performance, as well as mentioning other notable players like Felipe Ramos and Dan Cates. The logins for Day 2 are mentioned as well.

  • Leopold.beahan

    This text appears to be discussing the Poker Players Championship at the WSOP 2023, highlighting notable players such as Phil Ivey and Josh Arieh. It also mentions the performance of Dan “Jungleman” Cates and various Latin players in the tournament. Additionally, it mentions the upcoming schedule for Day 2 of the event.

  • This text provides an overview of the initial excitement and surprises at the Poker Players Championship during the WSOP 2023, including notable players like Phil Ivey, Josh Arieh, and Dan Cates. It also mentions the participation and progress of Latin American players in the tournament.

  • This text provides an exciting update on the WSOP 2023 Poker Players Championship, highlighting notable players and their chip counts. It appears to be a competitive and intense event with big names like Phil Ivey and Josh Arieh making waves on the first day. It will be interesting to see how the tournament unfolds in the coming days.

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