Sunday KSOP GGPoker Premium will have a lot going on

Network News: Mystery Show Mega Bounty Begins This...

Sunday will be a big day for KSOP GGPoker Premium. The main date of the week will also be a big one in Rio for those who play online poker, with the Sheraton offering attractions for all tastes and many decisions to make throughout the day.

The day begins with the highly anticipated debut of the Mystery Prog. Mega Bounty, which combines the popular envelope format with mystery prizes and progressives to bring a tournament type never before seen in Brazil. The R$3,000 and R$500,000 guaranteed tournaments consist of two qualifiers. The first day, Day 1A, begins at 2pm. On the other hand, Day 1B takes place at 19:00.

Also at 14:00, KSOP GGPoker Premium will return with three decisions. At this time, Freezeout, PLO and Women’s Qualifiers will return. All three games will meet their respective champions on Sunday, with exciting results in each.

Main Event The second qualifying round of the tournament was also held in the first hour of the afternoon. With a buy-in fee of R$3,000, Day 1B is another chance for players to secure a spot in the R$3 million guaranteed tournament. Then, at 10:00 p.m., Day 1C of the Main Event will also take place in a Turbo structure.

Another tiebreaker is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. After two days of competition, Progressive KO enters the third day, the final day, and the qualifiers are getting closer to glory. The contest is worthy of great prizes and will air on MundoTV on Sunday around 3:30pm.

Three other one-day races will be played on Sunday. At 3:00 pm, the 8-Max tournament starts with a BRL 1,000 buy-in and 20 minutes of blinds. Then, at 9pm, there will be Kings KO (Turbo), also with a buy-in of R$1,000 and blinds of 15 minutes. Finally, the night ended with a daily single re-entry (Turbo), which repeated the buy-in and blind time from the previous game.

Network News: Mystery Show Mega Bounty Begins This...

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  • This text seems to be promoting a big day of online poker events happening on Sunday, including a highly anticipated tournament with mystery prizes and progressive jackpot. There are multiple qualifiers and tournaments scheduled throughout the day, with the chance for players to secure spots in the guaranteed prize tournaments.

  • This text provides information about various poker tournaments taking place on Sunday, including the debut of a unique tournament format, qualifiers for the main event, and other one-day races with different buy-ins and blind structures. It seems like an eventful day for online poker players in Rio, offering a variety of options to cater to different preferences and skill levels.

  • This text describes a big day for online poker players, particularly in Rio, with various tournaments and qualifiers taking place throughout the day. It offers diverse options for players and builds excitement with the promise of great prizes and televised coverage.

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