Mateus Mendes wins Birthday Sunday Millions and takes home $1 million

Mateus Mendes wins Birthday Sunday Millions and ta...

The Anniversary Sunday Million championship was won by Brazil. Mateus Mendes showed great resilience in the never-ending HU, taking control of the game and successfully thwarting all attempts by Poland’s “Sunday Melo” to turn the situation around. In total, he earned $1,000,000 for the historic victory.

Mateus enters the final day with just over 21 BBS. In the first few minutes, he won a lot of chips and exceeded the tournament average. With 25 players left in the field, the young grinder spotted K♣K♦ and pushed all-in from the small blind. Meanwhile, the legendary Bert “girafganger7” Stevens checked only to see a 6♥8♠10♣ flop. When the Belgian bet 1,690,000, Matheus decided to check-raise all-in. Stevens, who only had 5 BBS, called and revealed 10♠5♦. The turn card of Queen and River J♠ did nothing to change the situation, and the last WSOP Online Main Event winner was eliminated.

In the 5-hand final, Mateus chased down Jans “Graftekkel” Arends’ chips. Isolated at the bottom, the Dutchman defended the big hand and declared a 3-bet all-in with 10 BBS. Again in action, Mateus called and revealed K ♦Q ♥ . With A 8 ♦, Arends led 3♣7♠6♣K♣3♥ and was eliminated.

At the same level, Matthäus won against 5♦ 5♥ from “themasteryan” with a K♠Q flip, ensuring another elimination.

Following CL “Sunday Melon”, Mateus managed to jump to the top of the list before the heads-up was even formed. On the roll of the dice, he fell into another preflop all-in. Although he had A♠9♥, Czech “FcProto10” needed help from a deck holding Q♣7♣. J♠A♣5♠2♦9♣’s lead confirmed Matthäus’ victory and put some distance between him and his last opponent.

Throughout it all, the Polish “Sunday Melo” had to catch up with the Brazilian, but never jeopardized his lead. Trailing 6-1 again, he risked 11 of his BBS chips by calling Mateus’ all-in push. With 5♣5♠ against 9♦7♦, “Sunday Melon” lost the game on an A♠2♣K♠9♥K board and was eliminated.

With a guaranteed prize pool of $8,000,000 from 39,226 entries priced at $215, PokerStars’ smallest Anniversary Sunday Million since 2012. See how much each finalist earned:

1. Mateus “CrossBreed17” Mendes (Brazil) $1,000,000

2. “Sunday Melon” (Poland) $733,959

3. “FcProto10” (Czech Republic) $526,523

4 “themasteryan” (Canada) $377,713

5. Jans “Graftekkel” Arends (Netherlands) $270,961

6. “Majo360” (Slovakia) $194,380

7. “n3v3rw1n88” (Finland) $139,442

8. “alxwhitt” (UK) $100,032

9. “nzlking” (New Zealand) $71,759

Mateus Mendes wins Birthday Sunday Millions and ta...

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  • Kuhlman.dahlia

    The text describes Mateus Mendes’ victory in the Anniversary Sunday Million championship, where he earned $1,000,000. He showed great resilience in the final heads-up against Poland’s Sunday Melo to secure the win.

  • Schoen.earline

    This text describes Mateus Mendes from Brazil winning the Anniversary Sunday Million championship and earning $1,000,000. The final table featured players from various countries, showcasing the international reach of the PokerStars event.

  • Frami.roosevelt

    This text describes the intense final table of the Anniversary Sunday Million championship, ultimately won by Mateus Mendes from Brazil. He showed great skill and resilience, earning a historic victory and $1,000,000 in prize money.

  • I think the text describes an intense and exciting final table of the Anniversary Sunday Million championship, with Mateus Mendes emerging as the victor and earning a substantial prize. The players showcased skill and determination throughout the tournament, making for an impressive competition.

  • I think the text describes an intense and exciting poker tournament where Mateus Mendes from Brazil emerged as the winner, earning a significant prize of $1,000,000. The detailed account of the final hands and eliminations adds drama to the story of his victory.

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