Lau is the last EPT Barcelona winner, earning €910,000

Lau is the last EPT Barcelona winner, earning €910...

EPT Barcelona is one of the biggest festivals in Europe, kicking off one of the last events for Ka Kwan Lau‘s photo opportunity for the winner of the seven-figure range Inside.

The €10,300 buy-inHigh Roller Eventcollected a total of475 entries. As a result, the prize pool reached €4,607,500, distributed among the71 best players.

It was a tense three days, but in the end AsiaLaumanaged to win and receive the covetedtrophy with a prize of 910,400 euros. And all this in the final showdown, in whichOuassini Mansouri won What happened next, the latter had to be content with 568750, equivalent to second place.

“It was a very long day. There are 40 players left on the third day, which is a lot. So we knew if we made it to the final table it would be a long time. But I didn’t expect it would take so long,” he commented on the youngest champion.

As usual, in this European Poker Tour,Latin The fleetsappeared and fought until it was almost over. It was time for the final table. BrazilianVinicius Pinheiro was the best representative of the division with 11th place and a prize of 71 ,050.

Other big names who also received bonuses include Marcelo Bonanata, Francisco Benitez and PokerStars Team Pro Rafael Moraes .

€10,300 High Roller – EPT Barcelona

Buy-in: €10,300Entries: 475Pot: €4,607,500

Final Table

1.Liu Jiaqun – €910,4002. Wasini Mansouri – €568,7503° Vladas Tamasauskas – €406,2504° Eric Spitz – €312,5505° Maher Nouira – €240,4006° Alexander Reid – €184,9507° Alexander Shevlyakov – €142,3008° Toby Joyce – €109,4509° Francesco Pilato – €85,250

ITM Latino

11° Vinicius Pinheiro – €71,05018° Marcelo Bonanata – €38,90020. Francisco Benitez – €38,90025° Jefferson Pinault – €29,40029. Roberto Saguera – €25,55033° Joaquín Melonho – €22,25038° Rafael Moraes – €22,25043° Fabiano Kowalski – €19,35045° Victor Pelletel – €19,35049° Luciano Macchiarelli – €19,35052. Ignacio Saguera – €19,35055° Gabriel Hefner – €19,35060° Gabriel Cunha – €16,800

*Collection completed.

Lau is the last EPT Barcelona winner, earning €910...

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  • This text provides information about the EPT Barcelona festival, highlighting its significance in Europe and specifically mentioning the high roller event with a substantial prize pool. It also mentions the number of entries and the distribution of the prize money among the top players.

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