KSOP: Day 3 filled with decisions; listen

The warmup and PLO5 High Roller will be decided on...

Friday will be a busy day in the lobby of the Sheraton Rio de Janeiro Hotel. The day will be filled with exciting battles at the KSOP GGPoker Premium tables, with two big decisions: the start of a new, exciting three-day tournament, and two more one-day tournaments.

The starting lineup starts from the last warm-up qualifier. Day 1E of the R$800 and R$750,000 Guaranteed Tournaments is scheduled to start at 13:00 in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel. Later, at 16:00, the tournament will enter the final day until the final table is determined.

The day’s Another big decision is the PLO5 High Roller. The final day of 13 qualifiers kicks off on Thursday, returning to action for the R$110,000 winner’s prize money and one of the event’s coveted trophies. HR PLO5 returns at 2pm to continue, live on MundoTV.

At 2pm, one of the most popular tournaments among players will also begin. That’s Progressive KO, and it’s currently going on for three days. The tournament buy-in is R$2,500 and the guaranteed prize pool is R$800,000. There will be two qualifiers on Friday, with Stage 1A scheduled for the afternoon and Stage 1B scheduled for 7pm. Day 2 took place on Saturday, decided to take place on Sunday.

Later, at 4 pm, the Mega Stack has guaranteed deposits of R$1,500 and R$100,000, another great opportunity for players to join the game of Secure in the series. It takes place over a single day with 20-minute blinds. Daily single re-entry (Turbo) is expected to start at 11pm with a buy-in of R$ 1,000.

The warmup and PLO5 High Roller will be decided on...

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