“d Bergkamp won the $320 GGMasters bounty

On the 18th of this Sunday, a Brazilian player won the championship on GGPoker. “d Bergkamp” boosted his reputation as champion after sending home 1,360 players in the GGMasters $320 prize. He won a total of $48,506.

Meanwhile, ‘CreedBratton’ was on the podium in Sunday’s SHR 25,500 Yen APL Series. Out of 55 entrants, he won 294,788 yen for an average prize of $44,000.

The $54 Bounty Hunters Sunday Main Event featured Geovanne Avila (1st) and “OFaroFino” (3rd). $41,841 brings home $20,231. There were 12,374 participants in the tournament.

“ForreieGanho” heads up for $24,117 in the $250 Sunday Main Event.

In the $215 Bounty Hunter Sunday Contest, Renato Valentim won the silver medal and added $16,416 to his bankroll.

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