Chris Brewer Rivers Straight Flush, Wins WSOP 250K and $5.2 Million

Chris Brewer Rivers Straight Flush, Wins WSOP 250K...

Ace Chris Brewer won his first WSOP bracelet and the biggest cash of his entire career. In the most expensive event on the schedule, Event 40: $250,000 NL Hold’em, he put aside his reputation as a loser to go all-in on the decision, including a straight on the river to end his 2019-19-19 rivalry with Artur Martirosian. heads-up. . The winner took home $5,293,556, while the runner-up took home $3,271,666.

Brewer’s victory was almost overshadowed by Martin Kabrhel. He led much of the FT, and at times irritated his opponents. The Czechs were a little too anti-game for some of the finalists and the many pros watching the broadcast.

In six hands, Cabrel broke one of the championship rules by standing in the middle of a hand. The race director had to be called and he wasn’t happy about it.

Smith was eliminated by Kabul shortly after. The American defended his big hand with A Q and announced a 3-bet all-in with 7 BBS. Kabrhel was in action again and showed 10 6 ♦ . The 8♣4♣6♥8♥K♠ edge was brutal for Smith, who lost all his chips. Annoyed, top high rollers wish everyone but Kabrhel good luck.

In an interview with PokerGO, Smith explained why he panicked at the poker table.

“Kabrhel’s anti-playing game is worse than anyone I’ve ever played.” Speculation abounds, and there’s a lot of debate as to whether he marked his cards. Whether it’s true or not, it’s very uncomfortable to play with him. He is rude. He’s racing every 30 seconds “I think it’s ridiculous for him to be in a tournament,” Smith explained.

Rather than lose focus in the chaos, Martirosian started pocketing big pots and staying ahead. After knocking out Alex Kulev, he also dispatched Kabrhel to start the heads-up with a 3-1 lead.

Brewer’s reaction was distorted at first. Holding 3♠3♥, he entered cleanly and called all-in with 28 BBS. Then Martirosian called and brought A♥10♠. The 8♠6♥5♣4♥9♥ advantage didn’t surprise Brewer as he doubled up.

Shortly thereafter, they moved all-in again preflop. With A ♦K against A ♥ 7, Martirosian fell behind with K ♥ 9♠ 5 ♠ on the flop and 5 ♠ on the turn, but the 6 ♦ river gave Brewer one of three outs.

Overall, 69 entries were recorded for the 40th event. Check out the breakdown of the $17,181,000 prize pool:

1. Chris Brewer (USA) $5,293,556

2. Artur Martirosian (Russia) $3,271,666

3. Martin Kabrhel (Czech Republic) $2,279,038

4. Alex Kulev (Bulgaria) $1,632,005

5. Chance Kornuth (USA) $1,202,318

6. Dan Smith (USA) $912,022

7. David Peters (USA) $712,953

8. Brandon Steven (USA) $574,899

9. Steven Veneziano (USA) $478,663

10. Alfred Decarolis (USA) $411,940

11. Ben Heath (UK) $411,940

Chris Brewer Rivers Straight Flush, Wins WSOP 250K...

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  • This text provides a recap of the WSOP bracelet event, highlighting Chris Brewer’s victory and the controversy surrounding Martin Kabrhel’s behavior during the tournament. It also includes the prize pool breakdown and the top finishers in the event.

  • Mccullough.belle

    This text is a recap of a poker tournament, highlighting the victory of Chris Brewer and the controversy surrounding Martin Kabrhel’s gameplay. It provides information about the prize pool and the rankings of the top players.

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