BSOP Millions distributes over $14 million

BSOP Millions distributes over $14 million

The Brazilian Championship of Poker (BSOP) ends with a historic milestone after paying out more than R$72 million ($14 million) in prizes during the 15-day event, exceeding the original guarantee of R$40 million The 2023 season is well beyond that. The Salón Dorado at the Sheraton Sao Paulo World Trade Center Hotel became the center of excitement and competition, hosting 100 games and attracting more than 32,200 entrants. BSOP Millions

Organizing company Stack Eventos initially set an ambitious guaranteed prize of R$40 million. However, halfway through the campaign, this amount was exceeded, reaching a whopping R$72 million. This success cements BSOP Millions’ status as Brazil’s largest single sports prize.

The Main Event is the main event of the festival, bringing in BRL 1,320,000 for the winner Matias Scaffo and BRL 1,080,000 for the winner R$ to Brazil Runners up Everton Lucio. In addition, the High Roller Championship with a buy-in of R$15,000 awarded the winner Luis Felipe Abdo with a R$1 million prize.

Matias Scaffo, BSOP Millions Main Event Champion.

The 100 tournaments, with buy-ins ranging from R$500 to R$50,000, challenge participants in different poker variants. The event also includes a record-breaking schedule of mixed races and high-roller events that will test players’ skills.

The international nature of the BSOP is evident, with players from 44 countries participating and nearly 1,000 new entrants. Stack Eventos CEO Devanir Campos highlighted the positive impact of the event in São Paulo and Brazil, positioning it as the third largest sports award in the country.

“In 2022 “we have paid out a record 46 million reais ($9 million) in bonuses,” said “DC.” “This year our bankroll has increased to over R$ 72 million. This prize value makes us the third largest sports prize in the country, behind the two football tournaments of the Brazilian Championship and the Brazilian Cup. However, the impact of the BSOP goes far beyond Here it is.” To wit: The event attracts thousands of participants from all over the world to São Paulo and generates millions of reais in revenue for the hotel network, catering and transportation. Ultimately, this balance is positive for the participants, for us as an organization, for São Paulo, for Brazil, and certainly for poker. ”

The 2023 season includes special stages, sponsorships from international brands such as Bitso, Pernod Ricard, Chivas Regal and PokerStars. The success of the BSOP bodes well for an exciting 2024 season starting in February It kicks off again at the Sheraton St. Paul World Trade Center Hotel from March 28th to March 5th.

BSOP Millions distributes over $14 million

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  • This text highlights the success of the Brazilian Championship of Poker (BSOP) in terms of prize payouts and participation, solidifying its position as Brazil’s largest single sports prize. The event’s positive impact on São Paulo and Brazil, as well as its international nature, is emphasized, with plans for future seasons and sponsorships from international brands.

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    This text highlights the success of the Brazilian Championship of Poker (BSOP) in terms of its record-breaking prize payouts and the positive impact it has on São Paulo and Brazil as a whole. It also announces the plans for the upcoming 2023 season, which includes special stages and sponsorships from international brands, setting the stage for an exciting 2024 season.

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