“Billholanda’s triple all-in deteriorated and he finished fourth in the Sunday Million

The country grinder conquered the Sunday Million final again. The country was eliminated in a five-max match this afternoon, with “Billholanda” the worst performer with a three-all-in. He finished fourth for $30,623 due to chips. Finn “Tankki31” finished fifth for $28,687.

“Tankki31” even leads the winner by 5 hands. With an opening advantage of 9♦4♠A♠7♠3♥, he decided to bluff and called all-in with K♠10♥. “billholanda” made the hero call and doubled up to K♣9♣.

Not long after, “billholanda” was involved in a pre-flop all-in. With 3 3 ♣ against A ♥ Q , he got Matt Frankland out with a 4 ♣ 6 ♥ J ♠ J ♣ A ♣ save.

“Matt Frankland” is now isolated at the lead station. At the same level, “Tankki31” went all-in after announcing a public all-in. With 20 BBs, “billholanda” called with A♣10♠. While “Tankki31” brought J 7♣ to the table, “Matfrankland” held K♣6♣. The 6♥8♣3Check4Check9♠ edge was brutal for the smaller players, who were knocked out of the pot.

Final starters “zeezinhoo” (No. 7) and Olivio “Bigfatfat” Gontijo (No. 8) were knocked out, winning $10,546 and $10,637 respectively.

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