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“Billholanda’s triple all-in deteriorated and he finished fourth in the Sunday Million

The country grinder conquered the Sunday Million final again. The country was eliminated in a five-max match this afternoon, with “Billholanda” the worst performer with a three-all-in. He finished fourth for $30,623 due to chips. Finn “Tankki31” finished fifth for $28,687.

“Tankki31” even leads the winner by 5 hands. With an opening advantage of 9♦4♠A♠7♠3♥, he decided to bluff and called all-in with K♠10♥. “billholanda” made the hero call and doubled up to K♣9♣.

Not long after, “billholanda” was involved in a pre-flop all-in. With 3 3 ♣ against A ♥ Q , he got Matt Frankland out with a 4 ♣ 6 ♥ J ♠ J ♣ A ♣ save.

“Matt Frankland” is now isolated at the lead station. At the same level, “Tankki31” went all-in after announcing a public all-in. With 20 BBs, “billholanda” called with A♣10♠. While “Tankki31” brought J 7♣ to the table, “Matfrankland” held K♣6♣. The 6♥8♣3Check4Check9♠ edge was brutal for the smaller players, who were knocked out of the pot.

Final starters “zeezinhoo” (No. 7) and Olivio “Bigfatfat” Gontijo (No. 8) were knocked out, winning $10,546 and $10,637 respectively.

Glaser joins five-bracelet club

Glaser joins five-bracelet club

WSOP 2023 has crowned a new champion, this time Benny Glaser, that is, 36. The player added five golden gems.

It all happened in the Event #38 $10,000 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Tournament featuring 13 participants and winning $1,209,000 prize pool.

Glasser singled out Oscar Johnson.

It was four days of intense competition at the Horseshoe and Paris tables in Las Vegas

Oddly enough, the final heads-up match lasted less than 60 minutes, with Glaser defeating Oscar Johansson

Glaser joins five-bracelet club

Terminator Cates, owners Ivey and Barbero run Players Championship

Terminator Cates, owners Ivey and Barbero run Play...

WSOP 2023 One of the most anticipated events of the WSOP 2023, the Poker Players Championship has kicked off with a huge surprise on the first day, and the following Down to the races isn’t just about fun scenes, either. 55 players compete on the day.

The first thing to notice is Phil Ivey 2nd behind

Josh Arieh with 944,500 in chips, showing a 1,088,000 towers. Poker’s Tiger Wood was aiming for his 11th bracelet and appeared to be off to a good start in the tournament, while Arieh won his fifth bracelet.

Felipe Ramos is also still there

On the other hand, Dan Jungleman Cates won by the way . This time, the two-time defending champion appeared at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas

Completely disguised as a Terminator. Although he was on the brink of bankruptcy, he managed to hold his own and finished 35th in chips with 305,500 chips.

He is the number one player in Latin Armada with 465,000 in chips, followed by Yuri Dzivielevski came in 17th with 463,500, not far behind, although they weren’t the only Latinos taking part such as Felipe Ramos (No. 28, 372,000) and Renan Bruschi (No. 50, 145,500) is also fighting.

Day 2 nightly logins for the first three levels from this Monday 19th Starting June 13: Level 00 and Level 7 still possible.

Terminator Cates, owners Ivey and Barbero run Play...

Latin Armada progress through monster stacks

Latin Armada progress through monster stacks

Monster Stack Already one of the busiest tournaments of the WSOP 2023 , the field has shrunk significantly after an initial crowded flight, but some Latinos still have chips .

Event #39, Monster Stack was played in No Limit Hold’em with a $1,500 buy-in and 8,317 registrations . The total prize pool of $11,103,195 will be distributed among the first 1,248 finishers.

Round 2 ends this Sunday with only 389 players making the cut, including Toan Nguyen

With a clear chip lead and a tower of 9,550,000 points . Meanwhile, best Latino player Andres Campero 28th place 2.135.000 chips and other names like Fabrizio Gonzalez with Nicolas Betbesé

Also still in the running.

now they must returnhorseshoe and parisexhibition hallin Las Vegas .

Ten new 60-minute levels added this Monday at 10:00 local time

While all have guaranteed prizes of $5,296, the Dream is the grand prize of $1,162,681.

Event #39 US$1,500 Monster Stack

Buy-in fee: US$1,500 Entry amount: 8,317 Jackpot: $11,103,195

top 10 count

Toan Nguyen – 9,550,000 2.

Ahmed Karim – 3,890.000 3.

Rayane Bouibeb – 3,830,000 4.

Raj Vohra – 3,780,000 5.

Robert Bickley – 3,240,000 6.

Frederick Normand – 3,095,000 7°

Jesse Yakinuma – 3.060.000 8°

Koveh Waysei – 3,000,000 9°

Adam Fellon – 2,795,000 10°

Christopher Marcadet – 2,760,000 28°

Andrés Campello – 2.135.000 39°

Luciano Mello – 1,965,000 40°

Fabrizio Gonzalez – 1,920,000 75°

Matthews Graziotin – 1.565.000 117°

Thiago Franco – 1,250,000 209°

Gustavo Kame – 860,000 228°

Sebastian Lobo – 760,000 240°

Rio Colt Noel – 705.000 248°

Rodrigo Bernardino – 675.000 266°

Nicholas Bebesse – 615.000 319°

Julián Segura – 450,000

* Complete statistics.

Latinos in ITM:


Jose Ruiz – $4,725,431

Matías Ruzzi – $4,725 442°

Gilberto Amaral – $4,725 468°

Joseph Brupacheco – $4,725 474°

Rafael Rodriguez – $4,725 500°

Daniel Navarrete – $4,248 503°

Guilebaldo Flores – $4,248 540°

Oscar Grohe – $3,849 546°

Bruno Politano – $3,849 548°

Elias Escandar – 3. $849 556°

Julian Pineda – $3,849 674°

Alen Tenorio – $3,235 698°

Gabriel Andrade – $3,235 727°

Miguel Angel Salvador – $3,235 740°

Augusto Hagen – US $3,235 744°

Federico Roberto – $3,235 757°

Alvaro Ristra – $3,235 785°

Juan Marcos Lopez – US 3,001 $841°

Rafael Caiaffa – 2,626 US$ 859°

Wagner the Ripper – 2,626 $924°

Ezequiel Waigel – $2,626 980°

Andre Sa – US$ 2,626 981°

Gustavo Castro – $2,626 1,004°

Agustin Naranja – $2,626 1,010°

Mariano Gundello – US$2,626 1,040°

Paulino Uemura – $2,401 1,097°

Geraldo Ruiz – $2,401 1,162°

Sergio Springhart – $2,401 1,218°

Pablo Joaquín Melogno – $2,401

*Favorites are complete.

Latin Armada progress through monster stacks

Emanuel Fernandez Earns Career Best Award at Wynn

Emanuel Fernandez Earns Career Best Award at Wynn

It’s not just about the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas

The players know this. Summer in Sin City is synonymous with poker everywhere, so those who travel take the opportunity to squeeze as many tables as possible, like

Emanuel Fernandez.

The Wizards headed to the Wynn for the Wynn Summer Classic and he did well: Saturday he won the NLH 200K one-day event for a career-best $74,947 strong>.

After competing with 357 entrants from the United States for $1,100, Fernandez certainly served him well with the biggest prize of the $348,863 pot budgetary wiggle room to allow him to continue to hone in and push himself with more vigor and resources to win a World Series bracelet.

Emanuel Fernandez Earns Career Best Award at Wynn

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