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Have you ever competed with ACR Poker Beast?

Have you ever competed with ACR Poker Beast?

This is not just a promotion, it’s like a friend lending you money and you don’t have to pay it back. The Beast of ACR Poker is precisely the ability to reward users for playing the game. To attend this week’s games, you don’t need to register or have a special ticket. The only thing you have to do is play. Really? Yes, that’s it…

Even live table trading doesn’t matter, Tournament, sit & walk or whatever. By participating in the room’s tables, you have collected points that count toward weekly tables. Top players will receive cash prizes. It’s that simple.

From Saturday at 12:00 PM ET to Friday at 11:59 PM ET* all users can play their favorite games Earn table units.

The payout structure for cash contests is calculated based on the size of the prize pool. As the prize pool increases, so does the number of paid seats.

Have you ever competed with ACR Poker Beast?

The basics of how not to lose when playing multiple games in online poker

The basics of how not to lose when playing multipl...

Most online grinders imagine a screen filled with multiple poker tables while the sound of cash registers can be heard in the background. But the reality is that the ability to play games simultaneously is an art that requires some minimal thought.

Recently Ian Simpson provided valuable insights into the strategic management of multi-table games. Here are five important tips to help you complete objectives, potentially level up, and avoid dying trying.

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Add tables strategically

If you are already playing at multiple tables and if you want to further improve your performance, Simpson It is recommended to start at a lower level. This gives you more time to make decisions and avoid facing more experienced opponents at high-stakes tables. Gradually increase the number of tables while maintaining game quality.

Organize with Color

Use the Color Coding feature

Efficient Note-taking System

Note – Takeaways are important, but when playing multiple tables, time is of the essence. Develop a shorthand system to simplify the process of recording hands and strategies. For example, “CC 3b bb A8o” could represent a paid three-bet cold hand with eight different aces in the big blind.

The basics of how not to lose when playing multipl...

Review of Marek Garcia’s novel “One Knight Stands”


What do you want to read this holiday season? Are you tired of watching TV series? In our Book of the Week section, we recommend poker books of all genres: novels, biographies, travel stories and general strategy, both online and offline.

This time we invite you to read the novel “The Knight Stands” by Marek Garcia. It tells the story of Charles Marquez, who has Since learning about poker, he has been living a double life: a high school student by day and a gambler by night.

His passion for poker began to grow, and over time, his passion for poker His passion began to grow. As a result, he developed an alter ego that appeared when he was exposed to cards and chips. He decided to call it the “One Knight Stand” and his life changed forever. As you can see You know, good beats will end and bad beats will happen. I don’t want to give you plot details, but that would put all your credibility at risk.

The story is interesting and realistic (many Players can relate to this) and it’s never boring, which helps the pages turn quickly. It also touches on interesting topics not often found in poker books, such as anxiety, addiction, and depression that anyone can suffer from.

There are very few good poker novels and this is one of them. You can read it, have fun with it, and get a non-strategic perspective on poker. For only $3 it’s worth it. In my opinion, This is one of the best poker books of 2018.

Technical Tab:

You can buy this book on Amazon. The Kindle version can be read on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Top 10 Books of 2018

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Best Books Special Report Poker Books by Category.

The world of poker books. You can view our selections here.


Ari Engel wins 15th WSOP Circuit ring 24 hours later; listen

One day after winning his 14th ring, Ari Engel won...

Ari Engel won a WSOP Circuit Online ring in late July, his 13th career ring. He is only two spots away from Maurice Hawkins, the biggest winner of the Gem Award. Excited about the chance to catch up, the Canadian headed to WSOP Circuit Grafton Casino and achieved the feat of winning two rings in 24 hours.

After winning Event 10 ($400 Horse), the star said he was really good in the mix, going over in Event 11 ($400 Pot Limit Big O) He defeated 61 competitors, earned $6,564, and received the historic 15th ring of his career. Engel tied Maurice Hawkins’ record and joined the American as the biggest jewelery winner.

The saga of Aris becoming a leader began long ago. His first WSOP Circuit victory came in 2007 in a $300 buy-in tournament. Seven of his wins came in mixed events. Engel admits he heads to Grafton, Calif., precisely because the starting lineup for these games offers so many options.

The Engel 15 ring final table included names like Rick Green, Christopher Linger and Christopher Watson, Kenneth Poe. His heads-up opponent was Jonathan Malcolm.

Biggest ring winners on the WSOP circuit:

Maurice Hawkins (USA) – 15

Ari Engel (Canada) – 15

Joshua Reichard (USA) – 14

Daniel Lowery (USA) – 13

Valentim Vornicu (Romania) – 12

Jeffrey Trudeau Jr. (USA) – 10

Robert Hankins (USA) – 10

Martin Ryan (Trinidad and Tobago ) – 10

David Larson (USA) – 10

One day after winning his 14th ring, Ari Engel won...

KSOP: Day 3 filled with decisions; listen

The warmup and PLO5 High Roller will be decided on...

Friday will be a busy day in the lobby of the Sheraton Rio de Janeiro Hotel. The day will be filled with exciting battles at the KSOP GGPoker Premium tables, with two big decisions: the start of a new, exciting three-day tournament, and two more one-day tournaments.

The starting lineup starts from the last warm-up qualifier. Day 1E of the R$800 and R$750,000 Guaranteed Tournaments is scheduled to start at 13:00 in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel. Later, at 16:00, the tournament will enter the final day until the final table is determined.

The day’s Another big decision is the PLO5 High Roller. The final day of 13 qualifiers kicks off on Thursday, returning to action for the R$110,000 winner’s prize money and one of the event’s coveted trophies. HR PLO5 returns at 2pm to continue, live on MundoTV.

At 2pm, one of the most popular tournaments among players will also begin. That’s Progressive KO, and it’s currently going on for three days. The tournament buy-in is R$2,500 and the guaranteed prize pool is R$800,000. There will be two qualifiers on Friday, with Stage 1A scheduled for the afternoon and Stage 1B scheduled for 7pm. Day 2 took place on Saturday, decided to take place on Sunday.

Later, at 4 pm, the Mega Stack has guaranteed deposits of R$1,500 and R$100,000, another great opportunity for players to join the game of Secure in the series. It takes place over a single day with 20-minute blinds. Daily single re-entry (Turbo) is expected to start at 11pm with a buy-in of R$ 1,000.

The warmup and PLO5 High Roller will be decided on...

Sunday KSOP GGPoker Premium will have a lot going on

Network News: Mystery Show Mega Bounty Begins This...

Sunday will be a big day for KSOP GGPoker Premium. The main date of the week will also be a big one in Rio for those who play online poker, with the Sheraton offering attractions for all tastes and many decisions to make throughout the day.

The day begins with the highly anticipated debut of the Mystery Prog. Mega Bounty, which combines the popular envelope format with mystery prizes and progressives to bring a tournament type never before seen in Brazil. The R$3,000 and R$500,000 guaranteed tournaments consist of two qualifiers. The first day, Day 1A, begins at 2pm. On the other hand, Day 1B takes place at 19:00.

Also at 14:00, KSOP GGPoker Premium will return with three decisions. At this time, Freezeout, PLO and Women’s Qualifiers will return. All three games will meet their respective champions on Sunday, with exciting results in each.

Main Event The second qualifying round of the tournament was also held in the first hour of the afternoon. With a buy-in fee of R$3,000, Day 1B is another chance for players to secure a spot in the R$3 million guaranteed tournament. Then, at 10:00 p.m., Day 1C of the Main Event will also take place in a Turbo structure.

Another tiebreaker is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. After two days of competition, Progressive KO enters the third day, the final day, and the qualifiers are getting closer to glory. The contest is worthy of great prizes and will air on MundoTV on Sunday around 3:30pm.

Three other one-day races will be played on Sunday. At 3:00 pm, the 8-Max tournament starts with a BRL 1,000 buy-in and 20 minutes of blinds. Then, at 9pm, there will be Kings KO (Turbo), also with a buy-in of R$1,000 and blinds of 15 minutes. Finally, the night ended with a daily single re-entry (Turbo), which repeated the buy-in and blind time from the previous game.

Network News: Mystery Show Mega Bounty Begins This...

Steven Jones to Referee for 2023 Three-Man Main Event

Steven Jones to Referee for 2023 Three-Man Main Ev...

After Day 9 on Sunday, July 16 at the Horseshoe Events Center in Las Vegas, only three entrants remain for the 2023 Main Event. Three players from the United States are still in the running: Steven Jones, Daniel Weinman and Adam Walton.

The day begins with 9 finalists, including Juan Maceiras 🇪🇸. The Deportivo fan finished eighth, earning the biggest prize money of his career: $1,125,000. With this achievement, he climbed to 11th on the Spanish all-time money list.

Juan Maceiras with his A Coruña Railway.

Player eliminated on Day 9:

Last 3 Player Chips:

  1. Steven Jones🇺🇸: 238M (118 BBs)
  2. Daniel Weinman 🇺🇸: 199M (100 BBs)
  3. Adam Walton 🇺🇸: 165M (88 big blinds). )

The US team has not won a Main Event since John Cynn in 2018, and now they have another champion from their own country.

Steven Jones to Referee for 2023 Three-Man Main Ev...

2023 WSOP Main Event

2023 WSOP Main Event

Juan Manuel Pérez Solari (Form 668) and Jorge Postigo (Form 668) share a watch gold department. On the other hand, Felipe Ketcer (Table 616) turned to the Silver sector.

2023 WSOP Main Event

2.5 Million Guaranteed Prizes in New Series of PokerStars MicroMillions

2.5 Million Guaranteed Prizes in New Series of Pok...

The MicroMillions series has appeared in the PokerStars.frespt lobby. The Red Spade Room presents a new multi-table tournament section.

MicroMillions Series This new installment will start July 16 to 30; there will be 147 games; their starting prize pool is €2.5 million.

Among all tournaments, the Main Event stands out because of the purchase price. €50 with a guaranteed prize pool of €250,000.

In addition to the Main Event, the program includes 5 tournaments with guaranteed prize money over €50,000 (2 Sunday Grand Slams with a buy-in of €30, 2 The Bounty Hero High Roller has a buy-in of €50 and the Super High Roller has a buy-in of €100).

As for Buy-Ins, the minimum price is 1 Euro, maximum price For €100 (this is the buy-in for the aforementioned MicroMillions Super High Roller). Among them, the most common buy-in amounts are EUR 5, EUR 10 and EUR 20.

The main form is No Limit Texas Hold’em. Still, there will be 8 Pot Limit Omaha events. In the NLHE Championship we can enjoy many variants: Freezeout and Rebuy; Deepstack, Superstack and Gigastack; PKO, Ultra KO and Total KO; Turbo and Super Turbo Press; alternate blinds and bubble dashes.

Tournaments of all budgets, large numbers of participants and long durations await us. Get ready to shuffle and play deals!

Responsible Gambling. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

2.5 Million Guaranteed Prizes in New Series of Pok...

System32 Hired for Tuesday’s High Roller at Winamax

System32 Hired for Tuesday's High Roller at Winama...

The Regular Championship and Mini WSOP events were the focus of Winamax .fres yesterday.

On Tuesday, 25 five-figure grand prize tournaments were organized in France with prize money of €50,000prize.

3 competitions brought prizes worth over €6,000 to the winners.

PetitRocher” won €200 Battle Royale (€7,581,70).

Finger in A” conquered 50€ Prime Time and won 7€ > ,622. 88.

System32” won 8€,784. 46 (biggest prize of the day), thanks to his win in the 250€ HighRoller.

  • In terms of prize pool, fiveexceedtournament€30,000Jackpot:
  • Battle Royale (€36,000).
  • After get off work (€33,000).
  • Mystery KO 10 ( €30,000).
  • Golden Hour (€48,000).
  • HighRoller (€34,000).

A new day of regular tournaments awaits us today with a mini WSOP event.

Responsible Play. Online poker rooms have different systems in place to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limits).

System32 Hired for Tuesday's High Roller at Winama...

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