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System32 Hired for Tuesday’s High Roller at Winamax

System32 Hired for Tuesday's High Roller at Winama...

The Regular Championship and Mini WSOP events were the focus of Winamax .fres yesterday.

On Tuesday, 25 five-figure grand prize tournaments were organized in France with prize money of €50,000prize.

3 competitions brought prizes worth over €6,000 to the winners.

PetitRocher” won €200 Battle Royale (€7,581,70).

Finger in A” conquered 50€ Prime Time and won 7€ > ,622. 88.

System32” won 8€,784. 46 (biggest prize of the day), thanks to his win in the 250€ HighRoller.

  • In terms of prize pool, fiveexceedtournament€30,000Jackpot:
  • Battle Royale (€36,000).
  • After get off work (€33,000).
  • Mystery KO 10 ( €30,000).
  • Golden Hour (€48,000).
  • HighRoller (€34,000).

A new day of regular tournaments awaits us today with a mini WSOP event.

Responsible Play. Online poker rooms have different systems in place to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limits).

System32 Hired for Tuesday's High Roller at Winama...

WSOP Investigates Public Allegations Against SHR Martin Kabrhel

WSOP Investigates Public Allegations Against SHR M...

Kornuth and Kabrhel

World Series of Poker At the request of the Las Vegas Review-Journal editor, said there was an open process to determine whether the allegations were factual , Martin Kabhel may have cheated in the $250,000 High Roller for good reason.

“While we never discuss the specific security protocols we employ” to monitor the players and equipment used in the game. The integrity of the game remains paramount and we can assure all users that we take these allegations very seriously. As this is an ongoing investigation, we have no further comment on this matter.

The Czech player came forward to his defense yesterday, mimicking the attack on Andrew’s phone call. Robl, who threatened to sue him.

..caused a media storm painting me as a liar. You can blame me for controversial behavior, bad jokes, awkward games or whatever you blame for my autistic behavior You can call me a nuisance, but calling me a liar is completely inappropriate…

— Martin Kabrhel (@martinkabrhell) June 20, 2023’s so easy to prove that such allegations are outright lies. I can’t believe how easy it is for people to join such allegations just because they personally don’t like me.

— Martin Kabrhel (@martinkabrhell) June 20, 2023

A Rozvadov regular thinks the way he behaves at the table may upset his opponents and will His worst behavior was blamed on autism issues, “but it amazes me how easy it is for people to join in with accusations like this just because they personally don’t like it. “”

This is the core of the problem. If this was just an internet thread and nothing more, the WSOP could dismiss the issue as fluff on her shoulder pads. But the truth is, Robl wasn’t the only one who was outspoken about Cabrell, saying: “Everyone knew him and we all cringed when he was brought to the table. When the player was in, someone voted him out.” . “He would have been voted out by a unanimous vote, and the poker players couldn’t agree on anything.”

With Phil Hellmuth and Chance Kornuth from the same tournament entrantStrong>> was quick to agree with Roble, and worse, after management stepped in numerous times to resolve the table with the Czech After the argument, Konus and some of the finalists communicated very directly with Kabul. Chance even erected a wall of chips to prevent Kabrhel from looking at the back of his cards, and the finalist had management make a rule not to allow Martin to get up from his seat during the hand. To make matters worse, Dan Smith contacted Kabrhel directly after his withdrawal and wanted him banned from the WSOP forever.

In his tweet, Kabrhel said some pretty sensible things, which is that for a festival as professional as the WSOP, it should be easy to prove that the allegations against him are lies.

Indeed, given that the excitement has spilled over to social networks and mainstream media, and has the potential to recur and worsen every time Cabrell checks in at the box office for the tournament, it’s best to be cognizant of what happened. The matter gives the internal investigation official status.

WSOP Investigates Public Allegations Against SHR M...

Felipe Boianovsky is the Super Tuesday $1,050 winner

Felipe Boianovsky is the Super Tuesday $1,050 winn...

Felipe Boianovsky cheers for Brazil with a spike-filled straight during the $1,050 PokerStars Super Tuesday on Tuesday the 20th. The lipe piv account pilot racked up a total of $15,694 in wins.

Boianovsky didn’t stop there. While visiting GGPoker, the ace won JPY 49,820 over 3 hands for JPY 5,500 in the APL Series 6-Max High Roller for an average payout of USD 7.5,000.

Daniel “DanielJulio1” Julio is the pinnacle of the country in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR. He beat a field of 2,118 entrants to increase his bankroll by $14,125.

Meanwhile, “Chacal JF” won $13,877 after beating 102 opponents in the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller.

Kaio “kaiotex” Camargo took the silver medal in the $109 Mini Super Tuesday for $5,792.

Felipe Boianovsky is the Super Tuesday $1,050 winn...

Paulo Brombim beats high roller for $530

Paulo Brombim beats high roller for $530

The country’s mills gear up for another busy period at PokerStars. Paulo “paulinhoo00” Brombim won the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for a $33,112 prize pool. There were 338 participants in the tournament.

In Event 45 of the 50/50 Series: $50 NL Hold’em, Antero “AnteroBH” Goulart won the gold medal for $18,281.

In the $109 Sunday Cooldown, Jose Donato took all the chips. For the bracelet, account owner “CannaGrower1” won $12,070.

Previously, in Event 44: $50 NL Hold’em Sunday Marathon SE, Vinícius “diamondsir” Trindade exited heads-up and conceded $11,501.

Paulo Brombim beats high roller for $530

“d Bergkamp won the $320 GGMasters bounty

On the 18th of this Sunday, a Brazilian player won the championship on GGPoker. “d Bergkamp” boosted his reputation as champion after sending home 1,360 players in the GGMasters $320 prize. He won a total of $48,506.

Meanwhile, ‘CreedBratton’ was on the podium in Sunday’s SHR 25,500 Yen APL Series. Out of 55 entrants, he won 294,788 yen for an average prize of $44,000.

The $54 Bounty Hunters Sunday Main Event featured Geovanne Avila (1st) and “OFaroFino” (3rd). $41,841 brings home $20,231. There were 12,374 participants in the tournament.

“ForreieGanho” heads up for $24,117 in the $250 Sunday Main Event.

In the $215 Bounty Hunter Sunday Contest, Renato Valentim won the silver medal and added $16,416 to his bankroll.

Matheus Tomé Cracks 1M Supreme at SPS and Wins R$156,000

Matheus Tomé Cracks 1M Supreme at SPS and Wins R$1...

The Suprema Poker Series concluded its second edition with a golden key. In this Sunday’s 18th main event, 1M Supreme player Matheus “Elba Tiúma” takes the stage. Tohme was the one who uttered the championship cry. In total, he added R$156,065 to his balance.

Event 394-M 1M Supreme had 2,755 entrants totaling R$390 R$, easily surpassing the R$1,000,000 guarantee and awarding prizes totaling R$1,470 R$.690.

In Event 159-H: $2500 NL Hold’em HighS, “Rocket*” won first place for R$115,090 and “pedrao303030” took silver and R$61,712.

Show more results:

Event 397-M: 150 R$ NL Hold’em Battle HR (845 participants)

Winner: “Big Ice Cream” R $19,719

Event 395-M: R$250 No Limit Hold’em Freeze (541 Participants)

WINNER: “General Mu R$18,331”

Event 592-L: $55 NL Hold’em Supreme (2,175 entrants)

WINNER : “NY YANKS” $14,068

Matheus Tomé Cracks 1M Supreme at SPS and Wins R$1...

Brazilian hits FT in $630 Sunday High Roller

Brazilian hits FT in $630 Sunday High Roller

As usual, the Brazilian made life difficult for his opponents in the ACR’s main regular game. Earlier this morning, “skipperr” (No. 6) and “jumpigtheknife” (No. 7) lost back-to-back in the $630 Sunday High Roller final for $23,107 and $17,539 respectively.

In MOSS Event 66: $33 NL Hold’em, “rbmrenato” declared himself champion after sending home 3,730 players. In all, he won $17,832.

Gilbertogyn, on the other hand, won Route 66, worth $66. He was selected from a field of 1,561 entrants to receive $16,750 in funding.

Not long after, “Tarezin” finished fourth in the $215 BIG10 competition for $15,211.

“opCONDORnvr4GT” also received a five-figure bonus. He won the $55 Special BIG10 heads-up for $12,553.

Brazilian hits FT in $630 Sunday High Roller

KSOP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event heats up on day three

KSOP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event heats up on day thre...

Day 2 of the KSOP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event was tough, with 225 players at the start but only 32 players after 10 60-minute levels.

Vazquez remains firmly in the lead, followed by Christian Saray.

best survivor is alexander bates With a solid performance, he ended the wallet with 1,565,000 in winnings.

Francisco Vázquez follows the Brazilian, with 1,559,000 points, while Christian Saray

It closed the day at 1,510,000, also just behind the leaders.

  • Our third day of coverage live

There’s a lot of work that has to be done on each level that marks the day before we get to know the ladder.

The first big thrill was when Gabriela Lozove

Falling with this major price bubble. Then, 86 players celebrated entering the prize pool,

with 738 players taking home R$1,408,200 .

After that, those who have already got the money continue to compete for tickets to the next round, which is only possible for some people, because most players go to the cashier to collect the bonus, which is basically 5,000 reais. , but the last player to cash out received R$8,100. Those who are still alive, however, dream of the trophy and the 300,000 reals that await the title.

  • paytable

KSOP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event powered by GGPoker resumes at 15:00 CEST

Level 21, blinds 10,000/20,000, big blind ante 20,000. As always, you can follow the broadcast on


. Of course, everyone was invited. Day 3 player Alexandre Kindermann Bez – 1,565,000Francisco Vazquez – 1,559,000

Cristian Alejandro Saray – 1,512,000

Juan Sebastian Fonseca – 1,240,000Paolo Cicero Macedo – 1,196,000Franco Alberto Andre – 1,173,000Marco Bertolino – 1,165,000Leandro Egon Prinz – 939,000Rafael Franetto – 891,000Diego dos Santos – 860,000Peterson Machado dos Rice – 755,000Nicolas Martinez – 750,000Alexander de Morais – 675,000Richard Daubigny – 640,000Jose Santana de Miranda Crobel – 601,000Eduardo Paulo Cunha – 581,000Jacob Becher – 576,000Wendell Assad – 565,000Marcos Sebastian Alvarez – 536,000Porto Renato Garcia – 524,000Juan Baratini – 518,000Vinicius Smagnoto – 496,000Piero Luca Jesus Scarriot – 436,000Federico Tour – 418,000Herbert dos Santos Rosa – 302,000Carlos Arturo Camargo Vargas – 295,000

Andrea Leo Barreto – 283,000Gonzalo Gottlieb – 254,000Paul Dinis – 228,000Silvio Faber – 226,000Lisandro Ruben Singolani – 225,000Mario Roberto Contreras – 189,000

KSOP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event heats up on day thre...

Pandolfo Takes Lead in KSOP Iguazu High Roller

Pandolfo Takes Lead in KSOP Iguazu High Roller

Rafael Pandolfo

Everyone behind the $500,000 KSOP Iguazu GTD High Roller.

The Brazilian showed a great performance on the first day of the game, and the next stage will be very easy.

However, the R$ 7,000 tournament has only just begun.

Cristian Vilches is looking to improve his luck after losing the Main Event.

The up-and-coming player at 2017 WSOP Argentina is now at the top of the most expensive tournament of the series, hosted by GGPoker has been supported, with a total of 233,700 points. While there is still much to be done, Pandolph is already doing his thing.

and the excellent green and yellow player Jefferson Silva Braynerand turio toledo, which again accumulates an interesting stack. There were 100 competitors and 52 qualifiers on the first day of the competition.

Game will be at 4:00pm

Registration for the first four levels on Day 2 is open. Therefore, it can be assumed that the guaranteed R$ 500,000 will be very small considering the amount allocated. As always, will be sharing details of the tournament with you on the live blog.chipsplayer stack

Gerardo Alonso Rodriguez Ulloa

Bruno Ribeiro Nogueira Porto

Carlos Enrique Da Rocha

Pandolfo Takes Lead in KSOP Iguazu High Roller

Chris Brewer Rivers Straight Flush, Wins WSOP 250K and $5.2 Million

Chris Brewer Rivers Straight Flush, Wins WSOP 250K...

Ace Chris Brewer won his first WSOP bracelet and the biggest cash of his entire career. In the most expensive event on the schedule, Event 40: $250,000 NL Hold’em, he put aside his reputation as a loser to go all-in on the decision, including a straight on the river to end his 2019-19-19 rivalry with Artur Martirosian. heads-up. . The winner took home $5,293,556, while the runner-up took home $3,271,666.

Brewer’s victory was almost overshadowed by Martin Kabrhel. He led much of the FT, and at times irritated his opponents. The Czechs were a little too anti-game for some of the finalists and the many pros watching the broadcast.

In six hands, Cabrel broke one of the championship rules by standing in the middle of a hand. The race director had to be called and he wasn’t happy about it.

Smith was eliminated by Kabul shortly after. The American defended his big hand with A Q and announced a 3-bet all-in with 7 BBS. Kabrhel was in action again and showed 10 6 ♦ . The 8♣4♣6♥8♥K♠ edge was brutal for Smith, who lost all his chips. Annoyed, top high rollers wish everyone but Kabrhel good luck.

In an interview with PokerGO, Smith explained why he panicked at the poker table.

“Kabrhel’s anti-playing game is worse than anyone I’ve ever played.” Speculation abounds, and there’s a lot of debate as to whether he marked his cards. Whether it’s true or not, it’s very uncomfortable to play with him. He is rude. He’s racing every 30 seconds “I think it’s ridiculous for him to be in a tournament,” Smith explained.

Rather than lose focus in the chaos, Martirosian started pocketing big pots and staying ahead. After knocking out Alex Kulev, he also dispatched Kabrhel to start the heads-up with a 3-1 lead.

Brewer’s reaction was distorted at first. Holding 3♠3♥, he entered cleanly and called all-in with 28 BBS. Then Martirosian called and brought A♥10♠. The 8♠6♥5♣4♥9♥ advantage didn’t surprise Brewer as he doubled up.

Shortly thereafter, they moved all-in again preflop. With A ♦K against A ♥ 7, Martirosian fell behind with K ♥ 9♠ 5 ♠ on the flop and 5 ♠ on the turn, but the 6 ♦ river gave Brewer one of three outs.

Overall, 69 entries were recorded for the 40th event. Check out the breakdown of the $17,181,000 prize pool:

1. Chris Brewer (USA) $5,293,556

2. Artur Martirosian (Russia) $3,271,666

3. Martin Kabrhel (Czech Republic) $2,279,038

4. Alex Kulev (Bulgaria) $1,632,005

5. Chance Kornuth (USA) $1,202,318

6. Dan Smith (USA) $912,022

7. David Peters (USA) $712,953

8. Brandon Steven (USA) $574,899

9. Steven Veneziano (USA) $478,663

10. Alfred Decarolis (USA) $411,940

11. Ben Heath (UK) $411,940

Chris Brewer Rivers Straight Flush, Wins WSOP 250K...

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