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Éder Campana beats rivals to win Sunday High Roller and pockets $140,000

Éder Campana beats rivals to win Sunday High Rolle...

Ace Éder Campana’s magical Sunday series was a huge success. In a special edition of the $630 Sunday High Roller, the pilot of account “campana17” outscored his opponents at the final table to claim the title and $140,311 in prize money.

The Financial Times got off to a rocky start. Good for the country. With only 8 BBS, Pedro “runnaGORDOfdp” Cavalieri made an open shove and was immediately called by “freierboy” holding Q♣Q. Cavalieri dominated with K♣Q♠ and was still at a disadvantage on the 3♦7♠4♣7♥5♣ board. He finished ninth and earned $11,332.

In the six-max tournament, “ch3ckitout” also lost all his chips, leaving Éder as the country’s favorite to win. In another preflop all-in, “ch3ckitout” beat “luckyguyhaha”‘s A♣Q♦ with A♠6♦. In total, his balance increased to $29,131.

Eder still had the biggest chip on the table and didn’t let any of his opponents dream of turning the tables. In the seventh round of heads-up play, he went all-in with “freierboy” with 8\8♥. Against K ♦4♣, the advantage of 4♥6♠J♥7♥5♥ did not save the short stack.

ACR Poker’s 1,180 entries for $630 fell short of the $750,000 guarantee.

Éder Campana beats rivals to win Sunday High Rolle...

Brazil ends participation in ACR Poker’s The Venom PKO

Daniel Aziz reaches FT semi-finals as Brazil score...

Brazil’s run of good form in ACR Poker’s Venom Progressive KO has come to an end. Despite being unrepresented at the final table, the country had five players making it to day three and all had decent returns in the $5,000,000 guaranteed tournament.

The biggest prize went to ace Daniel Aziz, who finished in 15th place and took home $61,731 from the regular prize pool and bonuses. “ResilientPlaye” (No. 10, US$ 55,889), Gabriel Moura “theWhoKnocks” (No. 18, US$ US$ 25,550), Lucas Rocha “SmallRock” (No. 23 name, $34,926) and Carlos “devilmorty” Madera (No. 35, $16,079).

The Venom PKO can be purchased for $2,650. There were 2,839 registrants over the four days of qualifying.

At the beginning of the year, Daniel · Daniel Aziz has gained a lot. In addition to his huge victory in the Venom PKO, the star also finished second in the Bounty Hunter Super High Roller event at the KSOP GGPoker South America Heads Up against Felipe Mojave. He also discovered a mystery prize of R$100,000 in the HR Mystery during the Rio stage.

ACR Poker’s The Venom PKO final table saw eight players vying for the top prize of $416,787. Everyone alive has earned $61,421 in prize money from the four-day tournament. The blinds are back to 900,000 / 1,800,000 and the final table gets underway at 6:05pm.

Daniel Aziz reaches FT semi-finals as Brazil score...

If there are several blinds, do you go all-in or fold?

If there are several blinds, do you go all-in or f...

One of the quickest signs that a player isn’t the best is their tendency to overthink things. Considerations like playing cards one way and not another are definitely symptoms of those who want to reach the top need to learn to let go. Blinds

Although certain concessions are made in poker to avoid wasting too much time on simple decisions, by and large these should be based on playing lines that avoid the mistakes we already know about Decide which one is the right one to choose from. Since the game is constantly changing, it’s interesting to consider what strategies might have been wrong in the past and can be part of a profitable strategy today.

When it comes to knowledge as a player, it is normal to find mistakes from books that have been on the market for more than 15 years. From the most basic details (like raising 3 blinds or more preflop throughout the entire tournament) to the more controversial ones (like defending the big blind). It’s normal to see players betting to survive in tournaments until only a few blinds are left, but there are also extreme individuals who can’t find the fine line between going all-in and folding. We should get into the habit of asking ourselves why we do what we do and whether it makes sense in the context of that decision.

When we are running low on chips, we need to consider other alternatives to push or fold.

While it is important to consider the potential for exploitative play, and many mistakes in this direction like to be justified, we also need to avoid tactics that can be exploited. One way to achieve this is to move away from self-imposed rules such as “only go all-in or fold if the blinds are less than 12” and instead build logical thought patterns that make our games more dynamic and less Surrender to predictability. maturity. If the opponent realizes, for example, that at some point in the game we will stop defending the big blind unless we have a good hand, then we are in trouble.

If we believe the big blind will be defended, then not being able to defend with less than 15 blinds is a mistake inherited from long-outdated strategies. More than once I’ve heard colleagues complain about someone defending an open raise with a hand like J9 and then losing to a combination, and it’s really hard to convince them that it wasn’t a mistake. In fact, they should add this move to their arsenal. This observation is primarily made by cash game players, which is understandable since it makes sense to play conservative defense in these games. However, only by understanding the main issues can we find the right way to deal with these situations.

Unlike most cash games, tournaments also have an ante bet, and the additional mandatory bets for the entire table are the small blind and the big blind. When stakes come into play, there’s a ton of dead money in every pot in a tournament before the tournament even starts. This makes it very attractive to raise 2 to 2.5 big blinds preflop because by the time everyone folds we already have about that amount. Again, this affects our situation by forcing a bet, since with a minimum raise we need around 20% equity in the long run to make a profitable call. Do you know which hands have at least this percentage relative to most open raising ranges? Virtually all of them, including the 72o, are around 30%. In other words, from a mathematical perspective, there is no problem defending against a min-raise with almost any hand (if an ante is present).

This count works when we have a high stakes stack and Es. There are many ways to earn equity, but it’s also crucial when we’re short on chips. The dynamics of the game change significantly, but as the stacks get smaller, the game becomes easier because the pressure of post-flop street decision-making is gone. There aren’t many opportunities to make big mistakes after the flop, and when we get a hand, we go all out and double down. Sometimes going all-in is the right decision based on the strength of our hand, and sometimes we have to fold, but it is important to understand that there is a gray area where we can call with speculative hands to increase our chances of competing for the title.

With this, I’m not saying that the correct way to play with a small stack in the big blind is to call a lot. In fact, I recommend playing as aggressively as possible and using options like 3-bet all-in whenever possible, and using a relatively wide hand range. But it’s important to understand that almost nothing in poker is black and white, and there may be situations where things that are generally true may not be true. As I always say, our job is to take the necessary precautions to bring the situation into balance so that fewer and fewer factors are overlooked.

If there are several blinds, do you go all-in or f...

2023 WPT Prime Tour Records

2023 WPT Prime Tour Records

As the World Poker Tour prepares for another exciting season on the WPT Prime Tour, now is the time to celebrate some of the WPT Prime Tour’s extraordinary achievements in 2023. The past year has seen very positive trends in both participant numbers and prize pools. They have contributed greatly to the global expansion of the sport and cemented WPT Prime’s position as the premier mid-level tour.

The WPT Prime Tour set a new record in 2023, with total revenue exceeding $20 million across 14 events. The tour spans 12 different countries and includes 8 new venues including WPT Prime Paris, WPT Prime Amsterdam, WPT Prime India, WPT Prime Slovakia, WPT Prime Sanremo, WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence and WPT Prime Liechtenstein, and an event. WPT Global.

Participation in WPT Prime is at an all-time high, with a record 22,290 entries across 14 events. This number sets an all-time high for WPT Prime and highlights the global appeal of the mid-level tournament.

The highlight of the 2023 WPT Prime Tour is undoubtedly the WPT Prime Championship. The event was well attended and set a new standard for WPT Prime Tour goals. The WPT Prime Championship set an all-time WPT participation record with 10,512 participants. The expansion doubles the ambitious guaranteed prize pool from $5 million to $10,196,640, making it the largest prize pool for a $1,100 buy-in event in WPT history.

WPT Prime broke several records throughout the season. In addition to the WPT Prime Championship, WPT Prime’s participant number and prize money records have been repeatedly broken in 2023. Starting from the first event WPT Prime Paris, it attracted 1,071 participants, becoming the largest WPT event ever held in Paris, with a total The prize pool is over 1,000 participants and the prize is $1. million. Shortly after, WPT Prime Gold Coast attracted 1,224 registrants, followed closely by WPT Prime Taiwan with 1,359 registrants. The WPT Prime Liechtenstein debut reached its climax with a total of 1,644 people attending the championship match. This outstanding turnout not only sets a record for WPT Prime, but also marks the largest WPT event in Europe.

The WPT Prime Tour will return in 2024 with excitement and the ambition to continue breaking records. Players will be able to compete when WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence returns on February 1st. Other stops in the first half of the year include WPT Prime Amsterdam, WPT Prime Voyage, WPT Prime Slovakia, WPT Prime Gold Coast and WPT Prime Sanremo. More sites will be announced in the coming months.

Prime ParisEntries: 1,071 (Main Entry Pool, Non-PC)

Prize Pool: $1,127,645

Prime Gold CoastEntries: 1224 (Prime Entry Record Set, Non-PC)Prize Pool: A$2,203,200(Prime-PP Record Set – Non-PC)

Prime CambodiaEntry: 1,011Prize pool: $980,670

Prime AmsterdamEntry count: 1,000Prize pool: $1,050,348

Prime IndiaEntries: 857Prize Pool: $618,832

Prime SlovakiaEntries: 552Prize pool: $529,920

Prime VietnamEntries: 1,151Prize Pool: $1,079,611

Prime Spring FestivalEntries: 218Prize Pool: $218,000

Prime San RemoEntries: 838Prize Pool: $860,830

Prime Aix-en-ProvenceEntries: 457Prize Pool: $482,592

Prime TaiwanEntries: 1359

Prime LiechtensteinEntry count: 1,644 (Primary entry record, non-PC)Prize pool: $1,841,280

Prime MadridParticipants: 396Entry: $387,858

Prime ChampionshipEntry: 10,512

2023 WPT Prime Tour Records

Jorge Osuna brings another satellite to KSOP SA main event

KSOP GGPoker South America Satellite wins again, d...

As expected, another KSOP GGPoker South American satellite is out of warranty. Two players secured a R$5,000 buy-in for the Main Event of Latin America’s biggest poker event on Thursday (18th) when a spot was initially up for grabs.

Two satellite winners had previously earned their spots. Jorge Osuna (owner of the nickname “DRACOLLY7”) and grinder “jogadooor” became the winners of the qualifying round. The success also resulted in cash prizes for players “Tia Ewandra” and “LuckyGambler.”

The KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event will offer players a guaranteed prize pool of R$11,000,000 and a bonus of R$2,000,000 for players. champion. Those interested in participating in the satellite will have a new opportunity this Friday (19th) at 8pm with a guaranteed spot and a $100 buy-in.

KSOP GGPoker South America has a guaranteed prize pool of 50,000,000 reais, the competition will take place from January 24 to February 7 at Rio Centro Tijuca, Barra da. You can follow all updates about the event directly on KSOP Brasil’s social networks and click here to view the full schedule of the biggest poker event in Latin American history.

KSOP GGPoker South America Satellite wins again, d...

Grinder Report: All the action at the virtual poker tables | Cordigo Poker

Grinder Report: The full effect of the virtual wip...

Winners from the previous edition included Javier Swett, who won a Hot 215 PKO. Additionally, LALOLANDAUY from Uruguay won the Bounty Builder with By Lea Cáceres

Our grinder had a great final game as he excelled in the most important room.

Victory seen from Hot 215 PKOJavier Ofbravetight Swett (cover photo), earning $4,254. The same goes for LALOLANDAUY, which is repeated in Bounty Builder 4.40 and credited with 1,253 green.

Also at checkout, but in Bounty Hunter Deepstack Turbo $32.10, is B4STI4ANR0V, USD 1,307 has been credited. In the same position in Fast & Furious 7 was Oscar xXROMmMEOXx Barriga, who won 3,461 Dollar.

Additionally, Alfonso Ugarte finished second in the Forty Stack $44 and won $3,230, while tomaselias31 placed second in Bounty Builder 5.50 , received $1,243Finally, chelito won the biggest prize in the Big Game He rose to fifth place, received a bonus of $215, and earned $8,785.

Grinder Report: The full effect of the virtual wip...

David Santos won the CNP888 ME finals championship

David Santos won the CNP888 ME finals championship

CNP888 The Grand Final, won by David Santos, concluded Season 11 of the Spanish Poker Championship.

Contest begins on Wednesday 22nd. There were 136 people signed up on Day 1A, 311 people on Day 1B, 348 people on Day 1C, plus 121 people on Day 1D, and even 285 people on Day 1E Non Stop. This means that the main event once again exceeded 1,296 registrations with 1,296 registrations. . This number is critical in determining the number of awards received by the top 135 recipients. It is worth noting that for the first time, two tables with prize distribution have been announced, leaving it to the players themselves to decide which of the two is more convenient for them. They chose a variant with a more equitable distribution of first place and settled on a small cash or bonus of €1,650 for last place.

After an exciting second day, Day 3 saw 117 players who had a great time. Lots of evenly matched stacks. The day ends when the eight finalists are confirmed, who will compete against each other on Monday the 27th. The final table was an exciting one, culminating in a heads-up match between Portugal’s David Santos and Spain’s Javier Garcia. The final victory went to the Portuguese player, who walked away with €77,000 and the 888poker Live Pack. The runner-up received €63,000.

888poker has contributed to the success of this initiative through its daily satellites and qualifying tournaments held before the Grand Finals. The High Roller results from 189 participants proved this. Its winner qualified online via 888poker and walked away with €37,000 after going heads-up with the runner-up.

David Santos won the CNP888 ME finals championship

BSOP Millions distributes over $14 million

BSOP Millions distributes over $14 million

The Brazilian Championship of Poker (BSOP) ends with a historic milestone after paying out more than R$72 million ($14 million) in prizes during the 15-day event, exceeding the original guarantee of R$40 million The 2023 season is well beyond that. The Salón Dorado at the Sheraton Sao Paulo World Trade Center Hotel became the center of excitement and competition, hosting 100 games and attracting more than 32,200 entrants. BSOP Millions

Organizing company Stack Eventos initially set an ambitious guaranteed prize of R$40 million. However, halfway through the campaign, this amount was exceeded, reaching a whopping R$72 million. This success cements BSOP Millions’ status as Brazil’s largest single sports prize.

The Main Event is the main event of the festival, bringing in BRL 1,320,000 for the winner Matias Scaffo and BRL 1,080,000 for the winner R$ to Brazil Runners up Everton Lucio. In addition, the High Roller Championship with a buy-in of R$15,000 awarded the winner Luis Felipe Abdo with a R$1 million prize.

Matias Scaffo, BSOP Millions Main Event Champion.

The 100 tournaments, with buy-ins ranging from R$500 to R$50,000, challenge participants in different poker variants. The event also includes a record-breaking schedule of mixed races and high-roller events that will test players’ skills.

The international nature of the BSOP is evident, with players from 44 countries participating and nearly 1,000 new entrants. Stack Eventos CEO Devanir Campos highlighted the positive impact of the event in São Paulo and Brazil, positioning it as the third largest sports award in the country.

“In 2022 “we have paid out a record 46 million reais ($9 million) in bonuses,” said “DC.” “This year our bankroll has increased to over R$ 72 million. This prize value makes us the third largest sports prize in the country, behind the two football tournaments of the Brazilian Championship and the Brazilian Cup. However, the impact of the BSOP goes far beyond Here it is.” To wit: The event attracts thousands of participants from all over the world to São Paulo and generates millions of reais in revenue for the hotel network, catering and transportation. Ultimately, this balance is positive for the participants, for us as an organization, for São Paulo, for Brazil, and certainly for poker. ”

The 2023 season includes special stages, sponsorships from international brands such as Bitso, Pernod Ricard, Chivas Regal and PokerStars. The success of the BSOP bodes well for an exciting 2024 season starting in February It kicks off again at the Sheraton St. Paul World Trade Center Hotel from March 28th to March 5th.

BSOP Millions distributes over $14 million

Main Event LAPT Panama

Main Event LAPT Panama

When we got to the table it was 3 J 10 4 and the BU player put his 48,100 points in the middle of the table. Turn to CO’s Leonardo Zupo, who thinks for a while and check-raises:

Leonardo: A JCaption: A K

The 4 on the river was a big pot for Leonardo as he crossed the 200,000 mark for a total of 225,500 points.

Main Event LAPT Panama

Phil Hellmuth loses hand, hears NASCAR driver speak

NASCAR driver talks Phil Helmuth after flip win an...

Playing poker at the poker table with Phil Hellmuth is always an activity for anyone who enjoys leisure activities and has some knowledge of the history of the game. Last week, the greatest WSOP champion of all time participated in a “cheap” cash game to promote the club he recently joined, where he was of course the most popular target.

One of the invited players in this live broadcast of the game is Jason White, a driver who participates in the famous American automobile event NASCAR. The casual player didn’t miss the opportunity to piss off the “Poker Guy” and the two played a hand that ended with the server winning.

Hellmuth is playing for his new club in Houston, Texas, and the buy-in for a table is $5,000, a very low price for an American. Still, no one likes to lose, and listening to trash talk at home is enough to upset Helmuth and cause an explosion. Only this time, the Americans managed to control themselves.

When Helmus heard these taunts, he accepted them calmly and showed a calmer side. This game is one of the most classic flipping games. One player at the table raised to $75, and the NASCAR driver responded with his 3-bet/all-in, winning $4,650. Hellmuth is on the button and decides to call when the player folds.

In a one-on-one showdown, Phil and J-White decided to only card once, and the table shows the result for the driver’s victory. Even with an “easy” win, he was unforgiving: “Why did you go all out? You didn’t even have a pair. I thought you were the best in the world,” he quipped like a good, talkative Brazilian.

Laughing, Jason White took down the $9,410 pot, and Hellmuth just concluded: “Good hand, good hand.”

NASCAR driver talks Phil Helmuth after flip win an...

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