Ari Engel wins 15th WSOP Circuit ring 24 hours later; listen

One day after winning his 14th ring, Ari Engel won...

Ari Engel won a WSOP Circuit Online ring in late July, his 13th career ring. He is only two spots away from Maurice Hawkins, the biggest winner of the Gem Award. Excited about the chance to catch up, the Canadian headed to WSOP Circuit Grafton Casino and achieved the feat of winning two rings in 24 hours.

After winning Event 10 ($400 Horse), the star said he was really good in the mix, going over in Event 11 ($400 Pot Limit Big O) He defeated 61 competitors, earned $6,564, and received the historic 15th ring of his career. Engel tied Maurice Hawkins’ record and joined the American as the biggest jewelery winner.

The saga of Aris becoming a leader began long ago. His first WSOP Circuit victory came in 2007 in a $300 buy-in tournament. Seven of his wins came in mixed events. Engel admits he heads to Grafton, Calif., precisely because the starting lineup for these games offers so many options.

The Engel 15 ring final table included names like Rick Green, Christopher Linger and Christopher Watson, Kenneth Poe. His heads-up opponent was Jonathan Malcolm.

Biggest ring winners on the WSOP circuit:

Maurice Hawkins (USA) – 15

Ari Engel (Canada) – 15

Joshua Reichard (USA) – 14

Daniel Lowery (USA) – 13

Valentim Vornicu (Romania) – 12

Jeffrey Trudeau Jr. (USA) – 10

Robert Hankins (USA) – 10

Martin Ryan (Trinidad and Tobago ) – 10

David Larson (USA) – 10

One day after winning his 14th ring, Ari Engel won...

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  • Malachi.pfeffer

    This text discusses Ari Engel’s achievement in winning his 15th WSOP Circuit ring, tying him with Maurice Hawkins as the biggest ring winner. Engel’s success has been through various mixed events, and he specifically chose to compete in the Grafton Casino games for their diverse options.

  • This text highlights the achievements of Ari Engel, a Canadian poker player, who won his 13th career ring in a WSOP Circuit Online event. He then went on to win two more rings within 24 hours, tying with Maurice Hawkins as the biggest winners of the Gem Award.

  • I think the text highlights Ari Engel’s impressive achievements in the world of poker, particularly his recent success in winning two rings in 24 hours to tie Maurice Hawkins for the most WSOP Circuit rings won. It’s clear that Engel’s skill and dedication have propelled him to the top ranks of the WSOP circuit.

  • Gideon.hammes

    Ari Engel’s achievement of winning his 15th WSOP Circuit ring in just two spots away from the record holder, Maurice Hawkins, is impressive. His consistency and skill in a variety of events have solidified his place as one of the leading jewelry winners on the WSOP circuit.

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