Live Concert Series at the Sunset Strip

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Live Concert Series at the Sunset Strip

With its fabulous landscape, magnificent resorts and expansive grounds, Sunset Strip in Las Vegas boasts one of the best live concert series in town. The music has an elegance of its own and this natural landscape lends an aura of the unknown to the atmosphere that radiates. This is also the place where some of the most notable musical figures from the past and present had their debuts.

The beginnings of the Sunset Strip live concert series really begin with some of the biggest names of the 70s. Starting in the late seventies, the concert line-up changed and evolved with the era. In fact, some of the biggest names, like George Harrison, have dedicated themselves to live performances. The evolution of the musical scene is truly amazing as they found new venues and audiences, especially after the rising popularity of hip hop in the eighties.

The legendary band, Jefferson Airplane had their first concert in the Eighties. They first played at the Riviera and then followed that up with shows at the Main Events. Their first concert performance in the Sunset Strip was much successful and garnered rave reviews, creating a lasting legacy for the band.

Another big hit of the late eighties was Black Sabbath, who played at the Ocean Park Amphitheatre. This was the band’s first concert in North America and it was also their first time performing under the name “Black Sabbath”. The band had not been popular in America before then and this was a great chance for them to enjoy success. Their performance was later featured in a movie called “Stairway To Heaven” and became one of the biggest selling concert albums of all time.

Another great live show, which received a lot of attention were the California acts of Pearl Jam and the Eagles. Both bands played their first shows in North America and they were just about sold out. The concert became an occasion for their fans to be part of the event. With each performance, their fan base continued to grow and fans had the chance to meet and greet these amazing musicians.

One of the great live shows at the time was David Bowie and Queen, who came back for another run of shows in the 1990s. Their show was very well-received by both the audience and the critics alike. They are still among the biggest concerts ever in terms of attendance numbers. The number of people who watch the shows is only weigh less than those who actually attend the events.

After the rise and fall of the biggest names, the last big concert lineup was the Britney Spears concert at Madison Square Garden. She decided to leave the stage for a few moments and the concert was given a sort of happy ending as she was asked to leave the venue by her manager. But then, the night ended as the lights dimmed and the curtains were pulled away. It is said that after the last song, the artist slipped on a wet floor, thus losing her shoes and turning off the lights.

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