Water is Still Available in the South Mississippi River, Even Though the Casino Hotel is Flooded

If you’ve been to Quapaw Okie State Park and it’s downstream casino hotel, you’ll probably notice the way the two sites seem to meet up on the levee banks. While you don’t find out until you get there that there’s a small creek running through them, you soon find out what’s at stake and just how important it is to keep the downstream casino and levee from flooding.

downstream casino hotel quapaw ok

There’s an ongoing battle between Quapaw Okie residents and the Lake Murray developers over who will get the water they need for their homes. Lake Murray has a massive irrigation project that could affect the downstream casino and the levee if it’s built on the wrong side of the river. But it’s not just the residents that are fighting over the water – it’s also commercial water users like hotels and even Lake Murray itself.

When you visit the casino, you’ll see that the casino is divided into five different sections for people to use, ranging from gambling and dining to shopping and other facilities. It can be difficult to navigate these sections because of the current conditions. As the water level in the river is fluctuating, you may find it hard to find where the water treatment facility is located, which means that you may have to wander around a bit and that’s not a good thing.

The casino is located downstream of the levee on the south side of the river. The majority of the visitors will stop here to wash off before heading upstream towards the Lake Murray levee. At this location, it’s easy to see why the Casino Hotel would be in danger of flooding. For those who plan to stay on the north side of the river, the casino may be a little more difficult to access, but the water treatment facility is only a few miles north at Quapaw Casino Resort.

But what about those visitors who are in the area for business? Why do they need to enter the casino on the north side when they’re on their way to work or to the grocery store?

Actually, the casino hotel also gets its water from a series of man-made lakes on the north side of the river. Since Lake Murray is a natural body of water, any water that flows from it has to be treated first before it reaches the south side of the river. That’s where the streams come from.

Whether you’re visiting the casino hotel or you’re walking downstream on the lake, it’s always important to be aware of the current and make sure you’ve got adequate supplies of bottled water for when you get back to your car. When I went on my trip, there were several people whose car had flooded because they hadn’t secured their car with a waterproof pad. Other cars, however, were completely dry because they had used their automobile rain cover to protect their car and kept their vehicles sealed until they could go back and rent another one.

In any case, the casino hotel has a very professional staff who will help you with anything you need when you’re in the area. They also have large security cameras that can alert the proper authorities if someone is trying to get into the casino without your permission. Most people who visit the casino are aware of the dangers of flooded roads and car accidents, but they’d be surprised that there’s still so much water that’s still available in this part of the river.